I am a specialist occupational health practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in Occupational Health covering all manner of business. I work for large, medium and small organizations.

I work all over the UK for major organizations, on a remote basis. For those who may wish to refer just one complex absence case, this type of service is completely efficient. Companies can either book a full day of absence cases i.e up to 7 employees, or book a half day.

In this day and age with technology, it is no longer a necessity to be face to face with an employee, hence the reason I can cover the UK on a remote basis. However, I am aware this can put some companies off, I can assure that physical assessment is not required in OH, it is the quality of questioning, information taking and knowledge, that forms the basis of a good OH report. It’s not just the qualification of OH that provides ‘fit for purpose’, the experience along with that personal touch, knowing how to position the most difficult questions, in what is often a very personal and sensitive setting.

Giving employees the opportunity to gain more insight into individual health concerns, directing and signposting to better treatment plans and self – help strategies. Further medical evidence would be applied for if required, although this is quite rare.