Absence Management Support


  • To support management in improving workplace attendance.
  • To provide personal customer support
  • To provide an early referral system reducing the incidence and length of sickness absence
  • To reduce likelihood of employer liability claims
  • To retain valued workforce


  • Large, medium or small businesses requiring occupational health support in a cost effective manner.
  • Organisations with large geographical areas or satellite companies requiring remote absence management.
  • Organisations requiring little OH input on a regular basis

How It Works

  • Absence policy
  • HR or Line management referral by e mail
  • Occupational Health report after contact with employee 24 hour report turn around
  • Telephone contact available for further advice
  • Liaison with external health providers if required i.e. GP for reports


  • Advise on suitable employability
  • Support and advise for employee to improve health care
  • Fitness for specific identified work
  • Disability under the Equalities act 2010
  • Advise on re-habilitation, Job adjustments, and Alternate work being subject to operational feasibility.
  • Ill Health Retirement support and advise
  • Cost effective in both time and money


  • Retaining experienced and valued employees
  • Reduction in sickness absence costs
  • Ensuring maintenance of volume
  • Protection against possible ET claims

Case Studies

Case Study 1

57 year old engineer, is absent for three weeks with stress disorder was referred by his line manager after having initial discussion with him over his health. Line manager refers him to the OH advisor with concern regarding his employability.

Contact is made by OHA and problems are identified both at home and work. The advisor gives information to help with domestic problems and makes report back to line manager with recommendations to improve workplace issues. Line manager investigates recommendations at the workplace and makes reasonable adjustments. These are discussed with the employee. Re-habillitation plan is set with the employee for eventual return to work.

Case Study 2

45 year old lady suffers recurrent absence due to low back pain. She works on a manufacturing line with other ladies. HR make an appointment with employee and refer to OH offering support. OH finds that she is suffering from mechanical back pain diagnosed by her GP and that she is waiting 4 weeks for physio.
OH refers her with company financial provision to private physio for treatment. Meanwhile investigation of her working area as advised by the OH reveals that other ladies have suffered the same problem. Problem solving was put in place to correct the issue. She returned to work within the four weeks with adjustments in place and has suffered no further back pain.

Case Study 3

A 30 year old lady suffered a badly injured shoulder due to an RTA. Her work involved upper body manual handling. She was unfit for work for some considerable time. Her line manager and HR became concerned about the length of absence and the effect in the foreseeable future. Her GP could not provide a return to work date and continuing investigations by her specialist continued. Her day to day activities were affected and would bee seen to continue for 12 months or more.
OH suggested investigation of alternate job adjustments but this was not forseeable. A site search for alternative sedentary work was issued but no suitable work was found. The company made an employment decision based on the facts of the case to date. OH gave her further advice to approach ‘access to work’ from government agencies.

Case Study 4

A 35 year old production worker began to suffer from a runny nose and congestion at work. Health surveillance provided information on his lung function tests that had stated to fall in a gradual manner. He was referred to OH for further investigation. OH advised a peak flow reading over a period of six weeks to determine any trending. This information led to OH requesting referral to an immunologist that would determine any possible allergy to product. Unfortunately, after a service of 20 years the employee was removed from his work environment. A site search revealed that other job opportunities were available and he accepted a new post.

Absence Management Support

  • Remote via tele-consultation
  • Face to Face (North West only)
  • Simple referral method with advise if required
  • Easy to follow concise, pragmatic reports with actions advised
  • 24-hour report turnaround from employee contact
  • After care and telephone/ email advise if required
  • Fully approachable and flexible service

I provide a comprehensive service but prefer to promote, what I feel is a niche in the market for absence management support. I have a proven track record of attendance up-lift by directing employee’s health plans. Health profiling is one area of my work that falls out of the analysis of sickness absence. This means you will be able to target health campaigns and reduce the cost of absence.

I can provide the service from my own office, or if you do wish to have 'visibility' I can come to site if you are located in the North West. For further afield I would advise remote absence management.

Your employees can be provided with up-to-date health advise at work, and your company with best practice methods of managing absence within employment law and HASWA. Sickness can occur at any time but having a robust absence policy can provide you with consistency. Knowing when a referral to OH should be made, a 3 to 4 weeks’ trigger for any long term absence cases is the business standard. Dependent on the size of your company this will be benchmarked against similar companies in terms of any litigation. Referral by encrypted e mail (or our new portal, coming soon!) for the absence would provide time to make the appointment with your employee for the OH assessment.

We all have laws to abide by and there are very strict ones in employment, including the DPA. Failure to manage sick employees under the current legislation means you could expose yourself and your company. Industrial Tribunals look for failure to comply with the Equalities Act for disability, HASWA and unfair dismissal. Apart from the loss of money in a court case there is also the thought of protecting your brand name - who would want to see a household brand flashed up in lights by the HSE for none compliance. In turn this could affect your customers and how you do business. The cost of OH will be absorbed by the reduction of sickness absence and reduction of claims.

The packages I provide will give you an indication of how much it will cost dependent on how many employees you have. Dates for OH access can be pre-arranged or you could arrange to have OH hours in the bank for you to use. There is no real strict rule because all business is individual and as such this is why MRM can mould to the culture of the organisation.