Combat Stress?

Yoga, alexander technique. mindfulness, gardening, walking, nature, all very good to provide distraction and often advised as self-help and coping strategies. Supportive help is often advised as CBT or talking therapies. How do you feel if the stress is totally due to work? You can’t change the workplace but you can change the way you react. Education on the way you react can provide the release from your stressors, real or perceived.
You’ll feel better and less stressed if you just do one thing at a time. No matter if it is at work, in school or in your private life. This will make it easier to focus and to do a job of higher quality right away. Instead of having to go back several times and polish and rearrange to get the result you want.
If you have to multi-task a few things during your day, then set off some time for that. Single-task during most of your day but set off an hour in the afternoon for instance to do all of that multi-tasking stuff in one big swoop.
If your memory is anything like mine, then it might be a bit like a leaky bucket too often. So write everything down. Your ideas, tasks and stuff you just have to remember.
Then you don’t have to worry about forgetting. And you will free up your mind for focusing on other things th10 years ago I never used a to-do list. I got very little done. Then I started using a too overloaded to-do list. I got more done but I was stressed and felt overwhelmed a lot of the time. Today I use a very short daily list of just the 1-3 most important tasks. It works really remembering.
One of the best ways to make your day and life easier, lighter and less stressful is to not build mountains out of molehills. To not create extra drama, overthink or create a problem out of something that doesn’t matter much. Or just out of air.
So how can you handle this bad habit?
Well, when a big problem is starting to build in my mind I first say something like: Hold on now…
This helps me to pause and become more receptive to change my line of thinking. Then I ask myself:
Will this matter 5 year from now? Or even 5 weeks from now?
Those two steps have helped me to build a lot less mountains in my life.